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Why Listing Presentation Package is Your secret weapon to win over other TOP agents
Real life skills for developing 50 listings a year
Are you running 50 listings a year? If Not, this is the great book for you. This book reveals those secret of   real life skills for 50 listings a year, or one listing every week.

In a Sales Presentation, 
the sale is made or lost in the first 3 minutes.
from The Myth of Entrepreneur by Michael Gerber

Are you able to win your listing Presentation in the first 3 minutes?

How can you dance with your competitors and 
win over your competitors:
You are competing with other TOP agents, 
while you are doing a listing presentation.
How do you know your competitors?

Do you have a listing presentation package?
Why is Listing Presentation Package your secret weapon to win over other TOP agents?

What is your listing strategy?
What is your pricing strategy?
How can you sell your listing by multiple offers?

Are you able to do
one listing every month?
one listing every week?

This Listing Presentation e-book will assist you to 
do a better business in a simple way, and running your business much better than usual agents.

Running you real estate business is easy,
if you practice those skills into your real life.

ISBN 978-0-9879926-3-5

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