e-book 3, Direct Marketing

Why sellers phone you "I want to sell my home"

Real life skills for developing 50 listings a year
Are you running 50 listings a year? If Not, this is the great book for you. This book reveals those secret of   real life skills for 50 listings a year, or one listing every week.
Direct Marketing is your activities to tell people that 
"I want to sell your home".

Why will seller phone you, "I want to sell my home"? 
and ask for a market value evaluation?

Why are you able to get more listings?

Why can you convert more leads to appointment?

Are you able to get 
one listing every month from your direct marketing?
one listing every week from your direct marketing?

This e-book, Directing marketing, reveals
in-expensive approaches to let sellers know you,
doing a better business in a simple way, and running your business better than usual agents.

Running you real estate business is easy,
if you practice those skills into your real life.

ISBN 978-0-9879926-2-8

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