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Why FSBOs say YES to you, but say NO to other agents?
Real life skills for developing 50 listings a year

Are you running 50 listings a year? If Not, this is the great book for you. This book reveals those secret of   real life skills for 50 listings a year, or one listing every week.


FSBO, For Sale By Owner.

Getting to YES.

Why do FSBOs say NO to other agents, 
but say YES to you, sign listing with you?
How to get YES as many as possible?
How to get YES from FSBO?

Are you able to get 
one listing every month from FSBO?
one listing every week from FSBO? 

Why are you able to do more listings from FSBO than usual agents?

This FSBO e-book will assist you to do a better business in a simple way, and running your business much better than usual agents.

Running you real estate business is easy,
if you practice those skills into your real life.

ISBN 978-0-9879926-1-1

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