Henry Hsieh, 謝友華, real estate agent (salesperson) since 1994

Henry Hsieh, 謝友華
Henry Yu Hwa Hsieh, broker of record
Smart From Home Realty Ltd, Brokerage, 519-880-8866

 Henry has been a real estate Salesperson since 1994.
 In 2008, Henry established Smart From Home Realty Ltd Brokerage
 In 2012, Henry published his book, 
"Agent CEO, the real life skills for 50 listings a year in real estate".

Past experience:
(1) 1979, Henry Joined IBM Taiwan
(2) 1981, IBM = Service Award, Outstanding Achievement in Service.
                (Employee of the Year)
(3) Jan 1983, Henry was promoted to manager in less than 4 years, 
                at his age younger than 30 .
(4) July 1986, Manager of the Month, Marketing Operation
(5) 1986, IBM = Service Award, Outstanding Achievement in 
                Management, (Manager of the Year)
(6) 1988-1989, IBM People = Excellence Award, 
                for excellence in people management
(7) July 1991, Henry was elected as IBM Sales School President, 
                IBM Singapore
(8) 1993, Henry applied early retirement from IBM and 
               moved his family to Canada
(9) August 1994, Licensed real estate salesperson
(10) 2008, Henry established Smart From Home Realty,
              based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Henry Hsieh

Manager of the Month, Marketing Operation, IBM Taiwan, July 1986

 "IBM = Service Award" Outstanding Achievement in Management, 

(Manager of the Year) 1986

 "People = Excellence Award", for Excellence in People Management , 1988-1989

elected as the Sales School President in July 1991, IBM Singapore.

 The consulting Certificate, Problem Solving and Decision Making, 1985.

Canadian Security CSC Certificate, 2001

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