Agent CEO

Real Life Skills for 
how to develop 50 listings a year, or 20 buyer sales a year?


Are you running 50 listings a year? If Not, this is the great book for you. This book reveals those secret of   real life skills for 50 listings a year, or one listing every week. 


Why will people tell you "I want to sell my home"?
For a real estate agent,
- How to do a better business in a simple way?
- How to do 50 listings a year? that is,
- How to do one listing every week?
- How to differentiate yourself from other TOP agents
  to win listings over competition by innovation?
- Why will FSBOs say NO to other agents, 
  but say YES to you, sign listing with you?
- Why will potential sellers come to your open house and
  tell you "I want to sell my home"?
- Why will Expired Listings call you to sell their homes?
- Why your listing presentation package is 
  your secret weapon to win listings?
- Why do you get many listings from 
  your direct marketing?
These e-books reveal all the inside secrets and real life skills for how I did one listing every week in my real estate career.

Many agents told me what they learned from each of this e-book is much more than what they learned a year in their previous brokerages.

Each e-book package is in image copy (PDF file). 
Buy 1 e-book is CAD$20. 
Buy 5 e-book together is only CAD$60. 
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Running you real estate business is easy,
if you practice those skills into your real life.

You are not only a real estate salesperson, but also
an Agent CEO in real estate business.
You have to speak like a CEO, behave like a CEO. 
You are a CEO to manage people, manage your business by your faith, your love, and hope.
It is nothing about money, but about your success.

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We will be happy to assist you to do a better business in a simple way.


*TOP agent, or Mega agent, means successful real estate agent, salesperson
Henry Yu Hwa Hsieh, Broker of Record
Smart From Home Realty Ltd, Brokerage, 519-880-8866

ISBN   978-0-09879926-5-9

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